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A closer look at what you can expect when you shop with Hedge House

At Hedge House, we work with domestic hardwood species that are sustainably harvested in the Midwest. Each wood type has its own unique set of qualities and variations. 

Walnut has a dark brown, chocolate-like color to it. The photos below show the typical amount of variation in wood color and grain that you can expect. 



 White Oak has a blonde, amber tone. We use flat sawn White Oak, which contains a combination of straight grain and boards with more character. You might see small amounts of quarter sawn included. Quarter sawn white oak has naturally occurring flakes, shown in the photo below. Rift sawn, a consistent straight grain, is available upon request for an additional charge. 

White oak


 Cherry has a warm reddish tone and eventually darkens over time. It’s lighter in weight than white oak and maple, and has a smooth, tight grain. You'll find examples of our Cherry furniture in the photos below.


 Maple is one of the more dense hardwoods we carry. We see less contrast in color with Maple, and the grain pattern is typically more subtle. Pictured below is our Sawyer Hutch.


Sawyer Hutch - Maple


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