How Hedge House Beds Are Assembled

Hedge House Furniture’s white glove delivery service assembles for you, but just in case you’re moving or wondering how everything goes together - we’ve put together a few photos to give you the low down. 

All of our beds are built from solid hardwood. The rails connect to the headboard and footboard via fasteners. Assembly is a breeze in a matter of minutes, requiring only a socket wrench to secure everything together.  

Solid Hardwood Slats

In the past few years, we switched to using vertical, solid poplar bed slats for the support system on our Berkeley, Garfield, Sawyer, Windsor, Fulton, and Oswego models. They’re easier to handle, more compact, and they provide a more rigid support while doing away with the need for center legs. Our bed slats are ¾” thick by 3.5” tall and placed every 3” from the headboard to the footboard. They’re held in place by a notched runner board that’s attached to the inside of each bed rail, eliminating the need for fasteners. This slat system ensures there are no squeaks and minimal movement.

Wood Species, Build, and Finish

A lot of furniture companies mention a white oak or walnut finish. This usually means their items are built from plywood or MDF with only a hardwood veneer. Our beds, along with all of our other furniture pieces, are built from solid hardwood. This means that your bed will stand the test of time, and will be an heirloom for you to enjoy for decades. For our finish, we use a low VOC conversion varnish, which requires very little maintenance like occasionally dusting or wiping down with a cloth.

Our headboards and footboards are secured to the legs using dominos (large biscuits), or dowel joinery and wood glue. All of the legs have adjustable feet that can be used with uneven floors or rugs under one side of the bed. 

Bed Assembly

To connect the footboard and headboard to the rails, you’ll need to insert the hanger bolts into the legs. Once they’re snug, you can fit the end of the rail over the hanger bolt, and attach the washer and nut through the round opening on the inside of the rail. The only tool you’ll need for this is an open ended 9/16” straight wrench. 

Once the footboard and headboard are attached, place the slats into the slotted runners inside the rails. They drop into place without any fasteners or hardware.

To finish, place the horizontal cross piece between frame rails. Hand tighten bolts into threaded insert in frame on both sides.

Our beds are designed to be used with a mattress only. No box spring required. Memory foam mattresses, organic wool mattresses, and spring mattresses, all work excellently with our slat system. 

And that’s how our beds are assembled! If you have further questions, email us at

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