How To Remove A Drawer From Case Goods

All of our case goods come with removable drawers and doors. In the event that an item is lost behind a drawer, inside the cabinet, it will be necessary to remove the drawer for retrieving the item. We use Blum hardware on all of our dressers and nightstands, making it easy to remove and reinstall drawers. 

To begin, open the drawer. On the bottom of the drawer box, you'll see two orange handles. With one hand on each side of the drawer box, squeeze the handles and lift the drawer box off the slides. Each drawer box will be numbered on the bottom side, with a corresponding number on the interior of the cabinet. 

To reinstall the drawer, pull the metal slides all the way out, and set the drawer on the metal slides. Push the drawer all the way in. You should hear a little click sound. Open the drawer to make sure that the slides are attached to the drawer box on both sides. If one slide is not attached, remove the drawer, and try attaching again, until the drawer box is attached to the metal slides on both sides.

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