Greetings From The Woodshop!

We recently added a new page on our site, Shop the Warehouse, and we want to get the word out on all of our in stock, ready to ship, prototypes, and seconds items. Everything listed on this page has already been built, and is ready to ship from our shop in northern Indiana. 

The past 6 months have buzzed with creativity at Hedge House Furniture. I’ve spent more time, and occasionally all of my time, prototyping in the woodshop, and working with our team of builders. You’ll see a few additions to the Shop the Warehouse page that break the mold for us. They may have experimental finishes or imperfections, but each is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. 

I’ve been focusing on lathe work, and traditional joinery. This petite stool is an example of that. Made from solid maple, each leg has a unique turning profile. While we fine tune the design, we’re excited to offer you prototypes along the way. There’s something special about living with a prototype and having a visual reminder of the creative process. 

We’re always adding new items to this page, so check in often, and we’ll announce new additions on our instagram. Thanks for following along!


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