Apartment Size Entry Console Table

The Sawyer Console Table has been a customer favorite since it's release in 2018. Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel reached out to us looking for a Sawyer style entry piece for her client, Garance Dore, and we quickly landed on this two drawer option. If the phrases 'California casual' and 'effortlessly chic' speak to you, head over to domino to see how Garance styles her entryway.

The original dimensions were chosen with a particularly spacious home in mind. After seeing variations of this piece come through our shop doors, we’ve fallen for this smaller version, perfect for small spaces and city dwellers.

The design and layout of the Sawyer Console Table is everything we could want in a piece of furniture - an opportunity to style accessories and extra storage. More storage is never a bad thing, and we think you’ll appreciate having everything at arm’s reach when you’re headed out the door. #phonekeyswallet

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