Try our Windsor Bed for Yourself

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Try our Windsor Bed for Yourself

Experience the charm of a new city while feeling right at home when you visit Stay Lokal in Philadelphia.

Tucked between a row of historic landmarks and the Delaware River, Stay Lokal is situated in Philadelphia’s, Fishtown. Each of the six rooms in the boutique hotel is home to a Hedge House Windsor bed. Sleep for a night, or several, in one of our solid white oak Windsor beds, and soak up every bit of luxury they have to offer.

Model on white oak Windsor Bed

Stay Lokal caters to the modern traveler’s desire to be immersed in the city and live like a local. Their invisible service means you won’t see the hallmark front desk that reminds you you’re a visitor. Each spacious loft exudes comfort and charm, with everything you’ll need at the touch of a button, thanks to an in-room iPad.

Windsor modern bed in white oak
The Windsor bed in white oak

For those looking to hit the streets and explore Philadelphia, these accommodations will be hard to top. It truly is a home away from home.

At Hedge House we believe that furniture should elevate everyday experiences, and simultaneously get out of the way. It should set the stage for every moment in the home, but also play nicely with the other pieces in the space.  

When Stay Lokal came to us looking for furniture that would satisfy guests looking for a personal, inspiring and energizing get away, we knew it started with the bed.

They chose the Windsor bed for it’s clean lines that can work with a room of diverse details, mixing modern and a bit of classic history. At the same time the handmade artisanal nature of the bed lets guest know in a subtle way that this is a unique piece they could choose for their own home.

The rooms are furnished with an eclectic mix of pieces, much like you would furnish your own home. By resisting the standard hotel approach of all matching everything, guests are reminded that every detail has been well thought out and each piece selected with a specific purpose in mind.

White oak Windsor bed
Lokal Hotel

We don’t suggest people spend their entire vacations in their hotel room, but at Stay Local in Philadelphia, we are sure that doing so would not disappoint.

Wondering if Hedge House can help elevate your next big furnishing project? We love working with companies who value quality, durability, and style the way we do. Contact us using the form below, and we can begin writing our next story together.